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About Us

Faber Chemicals is the European leg of operations of Faber Chemical & Medicine was originally founded in Istanbul in 1994 to offer products for professional hygiene and technical services.

Presently, we ship to 35 countries. Our brands are held in high respect in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia. During the global health crisis we delivered our products to the UK, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, Croatia, North Macedonia, and Kosovo among others.

Unique Approach

Our R&D team follows the technological advancements in the world closely to provide professional top-level hygiene solutions tailored to the needs of the customer, be at a clinic, industrial plant, chain of hotels, or a food manufacturer.

We strive to offer best solutions by using high performance, environmentally friendly raw materials in the manufacturing process.

We meet ISO 9001:2008 / 14001:2004 /OHSAS 18001:2007 quality assurance standards. We are GMP certified. We also offer Halal (GIMDES Certificate) and VEGAN (V-Label) products.

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